Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Kung pagtitipid ang pag-uusapan, dito na sa offers na to!


Saan ka pa! May P0.50/min calls to SMART networks + P0.50/text to all networks!
Text FLEXI15 to 6415


  1. Promo is open only to Buddy subscribers nationwide.
  2. To register, text FLEXI15 to 6415.
  3. Promo is valid for 1 day only.
  4. P1.00 maintaining balance is required.
  5. To call, dial *6415+11-digit Smart/TNT/Red #. Ex: *641509181234567.
  6. Subscriber may text or call using Flexi 15 and charge each text or call minute to the package as long as he/she has not fully consumed the allocated units (e.g. total of 30 call or text units; 1 unit = 1 minute of call or 1 SMS).
  7. Calls will be rounded up and will be charged on a per minute basis.
  8. Multiple registrations to Flexi 15 are allowed.
  9. Subscriber can still avail of the other call and text promos and services even if he/she is concurrently using the package.

P2.00 per minute

Sarap mag-usap with your SMART friends pag P2.00 per minute lang ang charge.
Dial *2222 + 11-digit SMART/TNT/red number

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